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                    MasterCard/Visa Prepaid Virtual Credit Card

Would you like to buy goods or services on the internet but don't have a SA Credit card but do have a SA ID Number?

Then consider getting a free SA Rand denominated Prepaid Virtual MasterCard/Visa Credit Card and load it via an online bank transfer from your bank account?

Check out:

Don't have SA bank account but do have a SA ID? Then you can still get the card and we'll help you fund it using your cash.

How it works:

Once you register yourself on their website, a Profile account number (an e-wallet) is created for you.

Then this Profile account has to be funded, normally via EFT** thru 12-Pay-online's Standard Bank account and the funds are allocated to your Profile account.

Then you Log into the 12-Pay-online website and create a 16 digit Virtual Credit Card with security information (expiry date and 3 digit CCV number)

You then load the card instantly with funds from your Profile account.

The card can only be used for a single "online only" purchase via your PC or Mobile (app coming soon) and then becomes defunct.

Any residual funds left on the card after use are returned to your Profile account at no charge.

Just create and load another card as and when you need one subject to having sufficient funds in your Profile account.


12-Pay-online charge 3.5% of the value that you load onto your card from your Profile balance. Residual funds returned back into your Profile account do not qualify for any pro-rata fee refund, so don't overload your card unnecessarily.

TIP: Prior to loading your card, enter your card details where indicated on the website you intend purchasing goods from; go to CheckOut and see the total cost of the goods and then load that amount onto your card.

Here is where we fit in:

We primarily want to show cardless customers how to acquire a credit card that will enable the purchase of SKYPE credit. The card can of course be utilised for any valid online purchase.

** We act as an intermediary for people that do not have a SA bank account and who are therefore unable to fund a Profile account via EFT. (Electronic Funds Transfer)

So instead, you deposit cash into our Nedbank or FNB Bank Ac.

Then you sms or email us your Name, Profile number (not your password) and the amount you deposited.

We will then transfer the funds via EFT (less our fee) to your Profile account and send you confirmation via sms or email.

Our fee for this service is 8% of the cash deposited into our bank account. (minimum deposit including fee is R120)


You want to purchase goods to the value of R200 on the internet

12-Pay-online will charge you (3.5%) card loading fee.

We will charge you (8%) cash deposit fee.

So you deposit R225 cash into one of our bank accounts.

We deduct our R18 fee (8% x 225)

We send R207 to your Profile account (24hr clearance, sometimes less)

You load R200 to your card from your Profile account.

12-Pay-online deduct their R7 card loading fee (3.5% x 200) from your Profile account.

Balance in your Profile account = zero.

So in a nut shell the amount to deposit into our bank account is the card load amount plus 12.5%

 Alternatively, just sms or email us the specific amount you want to load onto your card and we will tell you the amount you need to deposit into our Bank account.

You can of course upload any amount to your Profile account via us and load* your cards from your Profile balance as and when you need them.

* You can only load your card from cleared funds from your Profile and each card is currently restricted to a max load of R200 (without FICA) and R1500 (with FICA). 

If you have any questions from our side, please use our 'Contact Us' tab at the top or email us direct at [email protected]


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