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Business Hours:   10:00 - 22:00 (SA time)

You can buy Euro VoIP credit in ZAR for any of the VoIP Providers listed on our VoIP Providers page via the following payment methods below:

Online Bank Transfer. (EFT)

Capitec Cash Acceptance ATM. (24/7)*

You may also pay using your South African credit / debit card or your PayPal account. Please click on the respective payment option on the right.

If your VoIP account is denominated in USD($) or GBP(£), your Euro credit purchase will automatically be converted to USD($) or GBP(£) credit by your VoIP provider at market rates (no commission) and reflect in your VoIP account as such. Click on the link at the bottom of this page for an approximation of the amount of USD($) or GBP(£) credit you will receive.

 For all ATM Cash Deposits or Bank Transfers (EFT), please use your VoIP account Username as a beneficiary reference on your transaction so we can find you on our bank statement.



Account Name:


Account Type:


Account Number:


Sort Code:


Branch Name:

Durban North

Please note the WARNING! notice in red text below.

* For those customers who are not aware, a Cash Acceptance ATM is a special ATM located at most Capitec branches that accepts loose cash notes 24/7.


If you do make a cash deposit directly into our Capitec account via a bank teller (not recommended), there is an additional R60 deposit fee which we will deduct from your deposit. Using the ATM incurs no extra fee.

Euro Credit


5 =


10 = 


25 = 


50 =


Once you have completed the transaction, please send an email to - [email protected] - containing the information requested below. (regular customers included)

1. Your VoIP Account Username.

2. Your VoIP Provider.

3. The Rand amount you paid.

4. The payment method you used. (EFT or ATM)

5. The deposit/transfer reference. (your name or VoIP account username)

6. Proof of Payment. (if necessary - see note 5 & 6 below)

7. A Voucher request if you prefer to credit a Username yourself.

Upon receipt of your info, we'll then credit your VoIP account or issue a Voucher (if requested). (usually within 1 hour but can take longer)**

Contact us via email or the 'Contact Us' Form should there be a delay longer than 1 hour.

 Please kindly take note of the following important points:

1. Ensure your Username and VoIP Provider are correct, as your credit will be irretrievably lost if it's inadvertently allocated to the wrong Username or VoIP Provider.

2. To see how to purchase credit for multiple VoIP accounts at the best value, click on the Tips & Ideas tab at the head of this page.

3. If your deposit or EFT is short of the indicated price for the credit amount you request then we will credit your account to the nearest lesser round Euro amount.

4. If you effectuate an EFT from a bank other than Capitec, click on email notification of Payment on your bank's payment page before you click 'Confirm'. Your bank will then send us confirmation of payment. This will suffice as Proof of Payment and we'll then complete the crediting process without waiting for clearance of your funds. (usually 1 - 2 bank days)

5. If you forget to click on the bank Notification then take a screen copy/grab of the completed transaction or bank statement showing the transaction and attach it in an email to us. Click HERE for instructions on how to take a Screen Copy. Alternatively, we will also accept a forwarded copy of the confirmation sms/email your bank sent to you.

6. Capitec2Capitec EFT and ATM cash deposits reflect instantly in our Capitec bank account. Therefore proof is not required but we still need your email with the information requested above.

7. We do not issue invoices for credit.


** This service is available seven days a week. However, please note our operating hours at the head of this page.

 Any questions or comments please use the 'Contact Us' form or email us at - [email protected]


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