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Business Hours:   10:00 - 22:00 (Paris time)

​Please Note our PayPal payment option is not available to new customers.

New customers are welcome to use our alternative payment options. Thank you.

Pay In Euro (€)

Pay In Pound Sterling (£)


 * Kindly remember to enter your VoIP Username and VoIP Provider: in the fields above before clicking the 'BUY CREDIT' button. Also If you want to use a Credit/Debit card click on the 'Create an Account' button on PayPal's website payment page.

EURO Credit



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1. To buy VoIP credit using your Credit/Debit card or PayPal account please choose a Pay in Euro or GBP(£) payment box; select a Euro Credit value to purchase from the drop-down field; enter your VoIP Username and VoIP Provider in the correct fields; then click the 'BUY CREDIT' button. This takes you to the PayPal payment page where you follow the instructions to conclude the transaction.** Failure to enter your VoIP account Username and VoIP Provider in the specified fields will cause a delay in the crediting process and may result in a refund.

2. Once the transaction is completed, PayPal will email you a 'Payment Receipt' (a copy of which is also emailed to us). Upon receiving our copy from PayPal, we'll manually credit your VoIP account or issue a Voucher (if requested) (usually within 1 hour but can take longer)

Contact us by email (before contacting PayPal) should there be a delay longer than 1 hour.

3. If your VoIP account is denominated in USD or GBP, your Euro credit purchase will automatically be converted by your VoIP provider at market rates (commission free) and reflect in your VoIP account as such. Click here: for an approximation of the amount of USD or GBP credit you will receive.  

Please kindly also note that:

A. You ensure your Username and VoIP Provider are correct, as your credit will be irretrievably lost if it's inadvertently allocated to the wrong Username or VoIP Provider. 

B. Euro credit vouchers (10 or 25 Euro) can be issued on request.

C. We may sometimes request Identity Verification for any orders placed via our PayPal payment gateway.

D. We reserve the option to refund payments at our sole discretion.


Further important Notes:

 1. If your PayPal account or Credit/Debit card is denominated in a currency other than EUR or GBP, then we suggest you select the "Pay in Euro" box. (It is the cheapest option) 

** 2. If you decide to use a Credit/Debit card, then once you are on PayPal's website payment page click on this text: 'Create an Account'

 3. For Credit/Debit card payments, PayPal act as our agent and handle the whole process. We are not privy to any of your card details, only PayPal is.

Any questions or comments please use the 'Contact Us' form or email us direct using your registered PayPal account email address at - [email protected]


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