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 Thank you for choosing CKvoip as your Dellmont Sarl VoIP credit Reseller.

Your payment has been completed and your credit will reflect in your VoIP account shortly by default unless you request a Voucher for self redemption.

(usually within 60 minutes during our business hours but can sometimes take longer)

 A receipt for your purchase has been emailed to you from PayPal.

Check your receipt to ensure your VoIP Username and VoIP Provider were entered correctly. If either is missing or incorrect, please email us as soon as possible with the correct information as without these details we are unable to process your order.

You will also receive a confirmation email from your VoIP provider confirming your credit purchase .

Please kindly take note of the following important points:

1. We recharge all our customers VoIP accounts manually, therefore it can sometimes take longer than 60 minutes to credit your account depending on how busy we are. Kindly contact us should there be a delay longer than 1 hour. Also please note that the crediting process can be delayed if the VoIP Username and VoIP Provider details are either missing, incorrect or invalid.

 2. For some Credit/Debit card orders there may be an extra 1 EUR/GBP debited from your card account. This is a verification/security measure enacted and temporarily retained by PayPal. Please be assured that this extra charge will be refunded to you usually within several days, but can sometimes take up to 30 days.

 3. For 'first time' PayPal account and Credit/Debit card orders we may request proof of your ID to confirm that you are the holder of the credit/debit card or PayPal account associated with this payment. This is a 'once off' verification measure for the benefit of us both. This is also stated on our PayPal page.

4. If your VoIP provider is: Hotvoip, Easycallback, Megavoip, Budgetvoip, Supervoip, VoipR, Voipalot, Scydo or Mobyler your purchase will be refunded (we cannot service these providers, no Re-seller can. See the Buy Credit page for further details)

 5. We do not issue invoices for VoIP credit purchased.

 6. Finally please note our business hours: 10:00 - 22:00 (Paris time) Should you place an order or send an email outside these times, it will only be attended to after we re-open.


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