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     Business Hours:   09:00 - 21:00 (Paris time)

Calls to Free destinations are only free whilst you have 'Free days' left in your account. Once your 'Free days' expire, you will be charged the indicated normal rate for your calls until you top-up your account with credit and thereby gain more 'Free days'. (0/60/90/120 days depending on the top-up amount and your Voip provider)

Every separate top-up (minimum 10 euro) will add extra 'Free days' up to a max of 365 days.  

In conjunction with these 'Free days', there is a 'Fair Use Policy' (FUP) time limitation, usually 200/300 mins per 7 rolling days depending on which Voip provider you use and per unique IP* address. 

You will know when you have exceeded your minutes when you suddenly start getting charged for your Free calls or your calls to Free countries are temporarily blocked. You will need to wait a few days to accumulate some more Free minutes (30/40 mins per day). For more information on FUP check out the "Terms of Use" on your Voip Provider's web page. 

* Be aware that the IP address restriction is meant to curtail clients from opening multiple Voip accounts with the sole purpose of using the 'Free' minutes allocated per account in an aggregate manner. This restriction effectively means you are limited to 200/300 mins per IP address shared across all accounts that login at that IP address irrespective of who owns the accounts.


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